Five Ways to Use Your Free Televet Benefit

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When you hear “televet,” you may think of it as a pet emergency resource that helps you determine whether to take your cat or dog to the clinic. At least that’s what I immediately thought of when my terrier mix Toodles stumbled upon a yellow jacket nest. However, the reality is that televet visits are valuable for a myriad of pet care needs, whether that’s a bi-annual Healthy Pet Checkup, questions about behavioral observations, food and nutrition questions, and more. 

A televet visit is 30 wonderful minutes where you can ask a licensed veterinarian any of your pet care questions. And, yes, it’s also a valuable resource in an emergency!

As a Rainwalk Pet Insurance customer, you have unlimited, 24/7 access to free televet services through our partner FirstVet. FirstVet has completed hundreds of thousands of virtual consults with pet parents around the globe. You simply log in to your account and schedule a visit through our portal. 

The following are five ways to consider using this free benefit to continuously provide the best care for your pet.

1. Behavioral questions

Many of our Rainwalk pet parents have recently adopted a new pet. My dog Toodles is a rescue and while she’s the greatest thing in my life, if I’m being honest, she came with some special care needs based on her past life experiences.  It was overwhelming navigating her separation anxiety as a new dog mom! 

Free televet visits are an excellent time to ask an expert about behaviors you’re witnessing in your pet and how to navigate them constructively. Maybe they are chewing furniture, demonstrating signs of separation anxiety or you’re experiencing challenges with house training. All of these are great things to share with your televet and receive expert guidance.

2. Navigating routine care

New pets don’t exactly come with a manual. Consider scheduling a televet visit to understand your pet’s routine care needs. For example, you can ask about annual vaccinations, heartworm, flea, and tick options, when your pet may need dental care, and nutrition and exercise needs based on your pet’s age and breed. There’s no such thing as a dumb question when ensuring your pet lives a long, healthy life. A free, 30-minute online vet visit can give you much-appreciated peace of mind that you understand all your pet’s care needs and can plan for them accordingly.

3. Food and nutrition

A quick google search will return tons of opinions and buzzwords on the right food for your pet — raw diets, grain-free, human grade, etc. The most important person to turn to when deciding your pets’ dietary needs is your vet. And you have access to a free one 24/7 so please take advantage. 

If you’re considering switching up your pet’s food, talk to your vet first. They can share what brands they recommend, the pros and cons of different diets, and help you determine what makes sense for your pet’s age and breed.

4. Emergency vet services

Emergency vet services are an obvious but necessary inclusion on this list. Are you concerned that your pet ate something? Or was it stung by a bee and you’re worried they may have an allergic reaction? Instead of immediately taking your pet to the clinic, consider scheduling a televet visit to tell them the situation. They may recommend a waiting period or at-home treatments like Benadryl that could save you time and money and cause less stress on your furry companion.

5. Peace of mind

Let’s face it. We love our pets, and sometimes, we simply need peace of mind that they are happy and healthy. If you’re unsure about your pet’s symptoms, you can use Rainwalk’s free televet service through FirstVet to help put your mind at ease. Leveraging a free online vet visit saves you money on what could be an unnecessary vet visit that’s also not eligible for reimbursements, such as a wellness visit or one where an accident or illness isn’t successfully diagnosed. And if the televet does recommend in-person care, you know it’s the right call.


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