Talk to a vet online – for free

Rainwalk pet parents have unlimited, 24/7 access to virtual vet visits.

Free televet visits for Rainwalk pet parents

You have unlimited, 24/7 access to free televet services through our friends at FirstVet. They connect you with licensed veterinarians online so you can get expert guidance from the comfort of your home. You simply log in to your Rainwalk account and schedule a visit through our portal.

Common reasons to schedule a free online vet visit

When you hear “televet,” you may think of it as an emergency resource to help determine whether to take your cat or dog to the clinic. However, you can take advantage of free online vet visits for many pet care needs, like a Healthy Pet Checkup, nutrition or environment questions, and more.
Healthy pet checkups
Behavioral observations
Medication considerations
Routine care tips
Pet grooming services
Nutrition and diet advice
Training and exercise tips
Healthy behavior strategies

Schedule a Healthy Pet Checkup

Whether you’re house training a puppy, navigating the adorable quirks of a new shelter pet, or your 4-year-old cat seems to hate her food these days, a free Healthy Pet Checkup is the perfect reason to schedule an online vet visit.

The virtual wellness check covers the major building blocks of pet health, including skin & coat, oral health, ears & rears, food & fun, and movement & mobility.

How virtual vet visits work

Write down your questions

If you’re not scheduling an emergency visit, take some time to write down your questions so you can cover them all in your time with the vet.

Schedule your appointment

Log in to your Rainwalk account and choose a time that works best for you. You’ll need to describe symptoms or the purpose of the call, such as “healthy pet checkup.” There are many times to choose from, and they are available 24/7. First-time users will need to create an account with FirstVet.

Download the FirstVet app

You will receive a text message that your visit will soon begin, including a link to join. You must download the FirstVet app and log in to join. Please make sure your pet is present during the online vet visit.

Receive expert advice in the comfort of your home

The online vet aims to solve pet health concerns through simple, at-home treatment recommendations to reduce the stress, time, and cost of an in-person vet. If the pet needs further treatment in person, your online vet will provide detailed clinical notes as part of the referral.