Generous pet insurance coverage with valuable benefits

Understand what Rainwalk pet insurance covers and policy benefits available to pet parents.

Coverage and benefits pet parents love

Generous coverage for accidents and illnesses
Free virtual vet visits for any health or wellness questions
Real, human pet parent support
Vet bill reimbursements within days via Venmo or direct deposit
No lifetime limits on chronic conditions
Choose any veterinarian or service provider

What does Rainwalk cover?

We founded Rainwalk because pet insurance policies need to provide better coverage and more value to pet parents, especially during emergencies. Our pet insurance provides generous coverage for common (and sometimes not-so-common) accidents and illnesses your pet may experience.

Pet insurance does not cover preexisting conditions, routine care, dietary expenses, or cosmetic procedures.

Request vet bill reimbursements and manage your coverage through the Rainwalk mobile app.

Our promise to pet parents

Rainwalk is a team of animal lovers who believe that no pet parent should have to choose between their budget or providing the best possible care for their pets.

We founded Rainwalk because pet insurance needs to provide better coverage and offer more value so that our beloved cats and dogs can receive the healthcare services they need, especially during an emergency.

Two of our company’s core values are “do the right thing” and “build the best,” which summarizes our relentless commitment to providing generous pet insurance coverage with valuable benefits. 

Rainwalk benefit highlight

Free virtual vet visits

Every Rainwalk policy includes free, unlimited access to televet visits for any health or wellness questions. No need to file a claim or pay for an in-person vet visit.

Rainwalk pet parents get:


How our plans work

Rainwalk policies are convenient to purchase, include valuable benefits, and provide caring pet parent support and hassle-free reimbursements. You can select from three plan options or customize your policy to fit your desired coverage and budget.

Good to know

These points are standard across the industry for accident and illness policies. We’d want to know, so we’re making sure you’re aware too.

Policy power ups

Add more benefits to your pet insurance policy for a few dollars each month.
Exam fees not related to a covered accident or illness
Health conditions related to recreational breeding
Coverage for pet expenses like boarding, advertising, and holiday cancellations
Holistic and alternative treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic, and hydrotherapy

Coverage in 21 states and counting

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