Your pet deserves the best
health possible

Free Vet Online Visits!

All pets insured by Rainwalk get free online vet visits, paid for by Rainwalk! Meet with a licensed Vet whenever you’d like.

We all want our pets to have a good life and have access to quality healthcare. Rainwalk’s goal, like you as a parent and your veterinarian, is to keep your pet protected from unexpected accidents and illnesses.

Important things to know about Rainwalk pet insurance


Waiting Period

Our policies provide coverage for accidents and illnesses that occur 14 days after the policy goes into effect.


Routine Expenses

Our policy does not provide coverage for cosmetic or routine expenses as this is expense you already budget for. No point trading dollars for dollars!

Pre-Existing Conditions

Like other pet insurance policies, we do not cover medical illnesses and accidents that occur before your policy start date and the waiting period.

Accident + Illness


Rainwalk’s standard policy plans

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinum Plan

Less Worry. Less Stress.