Meet your new Pet Parent Perks: Gentle Beast and The Pets Table

by Christine Pena
Pet parent perks marketplace

At Rainwalk, we genuinely care about the health and well-being of the pets you trust us to help protect. As part of this commitment, we identified like-minded pet brands and secured exclusive discounts for our pet parents – should you want to take advantage! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our Pet Parent Perks partners: online dog training service Gentle Beast and fresh dog food from The Pets Table, by HelloFresh.

You can login to the Rainwalk mobile app and under “Perks” access your discounts for these two great services for your pups. Here’s more info on these new perks partners:

One month of free online dog training with Gentle Beast

Gentle Beast

The Gentle Beast app provides highly convenient, on-demand dog training and support from the world’s best experts — personalized to you and your pup’s needs. Use their repository of helpful content or book a 1:1 virtual training session.

60% off high-quality fresh dog food with The Pets Table

The Pet's Table

The Pet’s Table, brought to you by HelloFresh, offers healthy dog food options delivered right to your door. You get: 60% off your first box and free shipping, and 20% off your second box. It’s a no brainer to try!

We look forward to adding even more perks for our pet parents. If you have any suggestions, please email them to us at – we’re all ears!

Have a great day and enjoy these new perks.

– The Rainwalk Team

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