How to pick the right online dog training course for your pup

by Brittney Burgett

Online dog training courses are becoming more popular as pet parents realize they can get quality training from the comfort of their homes. There are a variety of upsides to online training courses for your pet, such as teaching fundamentals in a non-distracting environment, repeating lessons that your pup needs to work on, and doing training sessions when time permits. Of course, there’s also the value of training your dog while saving on travel time. 

According to online dog training app Gentle Beast, “Training provides all-important mental stimulation and gives you and your dog an opportunity to practice communication. Most dogs love to work, and they love receiving rewards for good behavior. Not to mention, training builds confidence and lets you see what your pup is really capable of!”

Learn more about the benefits of virtual dog training, the types of courses available, and the resources we recommend exploring. 

Why you should try online dog training 

Train in the comfort of your home 

One of the hardest things, especially with rescue dogs and young pups, is maintaining their focus and patience when training. By starting your dog’s training online, you can reduce the number of distractions and provide comfort and stability for the pet while they learn. 

Tina Walker, the manager of training development at GoodPup notes that “First we work to develop the necessary communication in non-distracting settings such as the home… Once established, virtual training can be taken on the road, to backyards, parks, coffee shops, and walks through town.”

Training your dog from home helps slowly acclimate your pup to the training, and you can work at the pace of your choice. Later, you can work up to testing basic commands like sit, stay and come at parks or where other animals might be present.

Training whenever you need 

There are many conveniences to dog training online. One of which is that you can train whenever and from wherever you want. A hurdle to dog training can be committing every week to specific days and times with little flexibility. You also need to factor in commuting time when choosing a trainer. It can take up a lot of time that many of us don’t have.

With online dog training classes, you can work through the curriculum at your own pace and at days and times that work for you each week. If your pup struggled with a specific session – no worries; you can just practice it again!

Choose any trainer you like – no matter where they are located

Another benefit of online dog training is that you can leverage content on your own time and work with trainers 1:1 across the country. You can choose a trainer with specific skill sets or methods that align with your plans and future adventures with your pup.

This benefit allows you access to trainers who are highly skilled and current in the latest methods of dog training without having to travel thousands of miles to get to them. Through online trainers, you can choose from many well-balanced training options such as puppy development, engagement, play, obedience, addressing specific behavior concerns and more.

Types of online dog training courses

Online dog obedience training

Obedience is a necessary part of training and bonding with your dog. Your dog’s ability to listen and follow commands will make sharing life together much more harmonious. 

Most online dog training services will at least provide you with an initial free trial. Some like K9 Training Institute and SpiritDo offer free online workshops that you can access anytime. However, training needs cannot be addressed in only a week of curriculum so it’s good to get your dog into a program for at least basic obedience training.

For online obedience training, especially for young pups or newly adopted dogs, look at companies like Gentle Beast, Peach on a Leash, GoodPup and Pettable. Program costs vary depending on if you are simply viewing training content on a weekly or month basis or requesting 1:1 video chat time with a  trainer. With those services, trainers can work with you to develop a customized plan for your pet’s needs and learning style. With varying types of content and subscription set ups, choose the service that best aligns with your training needs and budget. 

Online service dog training

A reputable resource with positive reviews for online service dog training is U.S. Service Animals. They offer affordable options for service dog training. U.S Service Animals has an online training option in which you get 6 modules, 12 training videos, a training clicker, service vest and individual professional trainer support for your journey. 

Pettable offers psychiatric service dog training from a certified service trainer. A psychiatric service dog (PSD) helps alleviate symptoms of a person’s mental or psychiatric disability, similar in many ways to an emotional support animal (ESA.) Psychiatric service dogs and service animals are accepted on all airlines (subject to a few rules and with complete paperwork), in all housing units and in all public places. Pettable’s PSD training includes evidence-based methods for supporting mental health disabilities with psychiatric service dog work tasks including deep pressure therapy (DPT) and providing tactile stimulation to support the interruption of panic attacks, self-harm, and other symptoms.

Best dog training courses online

Overall online obedience training

Gentle Beast

  • For: App-based obedience training
  • Cost: $15 per month; 1:1 trainer consultations will cost extra


  • For: Online dog training 
  • Cost: around $30 a week which includes a weekly 1:1 session


  • For: Video-based online dog training
  • Cost: $49 to $99

K9 Training Institute

  • For: Online dog training 
  • Cost: Free Workshop option 

Spirit Dog 

  • For: Online dog training 
  • Cost: Free 7-day course option 

Peach on a Leash

  • For: Online dog training
  • Cost: Packages starting at $379

Online service dog training

U.S Service Animals 

  • For: Online service dog training 
  • Cost: Consultation for a price estimate 


  • For: Psychiatric service dog training
  • Cost: $199, or $249 with an ESA letter for housing purposes included

Training your dog in a way that works for both of you

Online dog training is an incredible tool that helps you address training needs from the comfort of your home. Not only is this an affordable option, but it opens up access to experienced trainers anywhere. Training your dog online removes barriers that come with scheduling conflicts, traveling time and, let’s face it, life distractions.

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