Here's How We Stack Up
Against The Rest

Pet Insurance doesn’t have to be confusing. Rainwalk’s customizable policies are easy to understand. We offer everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Benefits Nationwide Trupanion Healthy Paws Embrace ASPCA
Free Online Vet Visits
Waiting Period
14 days
14 days
5-30 days
15 days
14 days
14 days
Sign Up Fees
$25 + $1/mo installment if billed monthly
Customizable Plans
Condition Specific Payout Limits
Deductibe Type
Annual Limit
Per Condition
Per Condition
Annual Limit
Annual Limit
Claims Processing
1-3 days
30 days
1-5 days
10 days
10-15 business days
Up to 30 days
Exam Fees Covered
Reimbursement for Boarding Cancellation Fees
w/ owner assistance package
Money for Lost Pet Advertising & Reward
w/ owner assistance package

Average Pet Insurers vs.

Rainwalk Pet Insurance

Average Pet Insurers:

Rainwalk Pet Insurance:

Make their policies hard to understand. They incorporate industry jargon, hidden fees, and fine print into everything.
We write our policies with language thar is easy to understand. Plus, Rainwalk does not have any enrollment or hidden fees. Take a look at a sample policy here.
Make you wait up to 30 days for your claim to be processed and paid out.
Reviews and pays out most claims in 48 hours. Larger claims are processed within 7-10 days.
Reimburse you based on what they think the bill should have been, not the actual invoice from your vet
We will reimburse you based on the actual cost of your vet bill. There’s no point in having insurance that doesn’t cover your actual bill.
Have different deductibles for each accident or illness. Every time your pet is diagnosed with something new, you are back on the hook to pay the deductible, even if multiple accidents or illnesses occur in the same year.
We have one annual deductible. Once you cover the deductible for covered conditions, we start paying out.
Will drop your coverage for filing claims too frequently or asking for excessive reimbursement.
We will never drop your pet from coverage. Rainwalk will pay out the maximum annual benefit to your pet for their lifetime.
Will consider curable conditions like allergies to be pre-existing so they can avoid paying out when they should.
Rainwalk has a Curable Conditions Clause. This means once your pet is cured from a condition, we’ve got your back if it comes up again.
Automated, impersonal customer service.
Our customer service and our claims are all handled by our team of pet lovers (and adopters).
Are a small branch of a huge insurance company with thousands of employees where each pet is a statistic.
Rainwalk is a company made up of pet lovers focused on one thing: keeping your pet healthy and happy.

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